Photo Editing

Madelin is a photographer and retouching artist located in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  She has 10 years of experience and loves every possible editing challenge! She offers this as a service to both hobbyists and professional photographers through photo culling as well as processing and editing for individual photographs or complete portrait sessions.

Skin Retouching
Portrait processing and altering
Overlays and combined images

Skin retouching is a great option for Senior Portraits, Boudoir or professional headshots to really make them shine and help you or your client look as though it is their best day. Portrait retouching is also great for family portraits when your client wants to look their absolute best for the art that they want to display in albums or on their walls.

Senior Portrait of Molly taken by Madelin Zaycheck in Prescott WI | Image processing and skin smoothing

Portrait retouching is great for family portraits. From correcting white balance or a color within the image to switching a person or removing something unsightly. Theis Family portrait session below was photographed by Madelin Zaycheck of Memory Me Studio in St. Paul Family.

At this portrait session, the baby decides to have her finger in her nose for portraits! | Face Swap

Grandma snuggling her grandbabies before they move away from Saint Paul.| Image processing and Color Correction

The older brothers played in the background while the youngest two had a sweet moment | Removal of people to improve the photograph 

Overlays and combined images